Pretty Small Basement Bar

Masculine Small Basement Bar

Small basement bar – Basements are popular places to build a home bar. Often built with an arcade and other entertainment space, basement bars tend to be masculine in design. Basements, with their low light levels are well suited to the dark, cozy atmosphere of bars. While bar layout depends largely on your personal taste, is the best way to decide on a device to first determine how you use your small basement bar.

Create an elegant, sophisticated look to your small basement bar. Invest in some quality bar stools in a polished dark wood, complete with leather cushions. Light up mirror behind the shelves at your bar and show your best glasses and other crystal. Paint the walls rich, deep colors like forest green. Hang framed posters from famous wineries or metal wall sculptures. Choose high quality colored glass shades for your pendant lights that hang above the bar. And use coasters made of marble or other high-end material.

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Rustic small basement bar are perfect for a vacation home or mountain cabin. Using simple oak stool and add greenery to the bar and shelves to bring in the outdoors. Stick with gray, green and brown, so your bar reflects the colors found in nature. Consider installing a fake rock wall to the outside of your bar. Using brushed nickel shades on your pendant light to compliment the rock faces. This style bar also lends itself well to a hunting theme. Hang pictures of ducks, other wildlife or even hang the deer antlers on the wall.

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