Basement Window Fan Decorations

How Basement Window Fan

Basement window fan – Technically, anything that makes the air flow in a basement can be regarded as a valve, including basement windows. But the process to fanilate the basement windows means to transform your window into a fanilation fan or a fanilation outlet of the dryer. Three ways to do this is, but DIY fanilation might not comply with your local building codes. Always check your local building codes before undertaking any home construction or modification project to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

Measure the length of each side of basement window fan. You can just easily DIY outlet for dryer and only window that contains multiple independent panels. Furthermore, this method does not meet building code standards. Buy a plexi glass window with the same dimensions as your basement windows. Put on your work gloves and remove one of your windows. Only use this method on windows that crank open you can not fanilate sliding windows like this.

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Measure the circumference at the end of the dryer hose with the tape measure. Outline an area with a scalpel in your new plexi glass box with the same circumference as the end of the dryer hose. Cut this area using your jigsaw. Install Plexiglas box of the window. Slot the end of the dryer hose through the hole in the box. Use your waterproof seal to create a seal on both sides of the window in the transition of plexi glass and dryer hose.

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