Amazing Basement Design Ideas

Modern Basement Design Ideas

Basement design ideas – To make a basement no longer feel like a basement, add more light to compensate for the lack of natural light, a basement typically receive. According House Energy, Many basements are unappealing because of the light. Evenly several recessed lighting units throughout the basement ceiling and use low wattage light bulbs, such as fluorescent lamps save on your electricity bill. For an accent wall, install small spots that light up on the wall. These lights will not only give the basement an art gallery feeling they are sure to accent any wall art or furniture that goes along this wall as well, making the basement feel larger than it really is.

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Updating a basement design ideas is an effective way to expand a house living space, but when it comes to flooring, carefully choose waterproof flooring solutions that will not be damaged by a moisture problem.

A long-term flooring solution and the most waterproof are to tile in the basement design ideas floor. Ceramic tiles are an inexpensive flooring solution among tile choice. And you probably would not want to use expensive materials for your basement floor. Ceramic tiles are sold in many colors and styles. Choose a light neutral color to make the basement feel more expansive. To soften and warm up the basement floor with carpet, use area rugs instead. These can easily roll off the tiles, and they are easy to remove in a water emergency.

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