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Exposed Basement Ceiling Ideas Darker

Exposed basement ceiling ideas – If you’re looking to spice up the colors of your room, watch out. Rooms with darker ceilings create a dramatic effect and make room for all sizes feel cozy. Even in small rooms, darker ceilings to be appealing because they give the whole room a sense of cohesion. The key to painting a dark roof working with colors that coordinate with your walls and other decor. As a finished project, your guests will enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a dark exposed basement ceiling ideas.


Coordinate the roof color with the color of your walls. Stay in the shade and use colors that flow together. Match the colors in your decor. The color scheme is important when choosing wall and ceiling colors. Think of your furniture and accessories. Choose a roof color that will enhance them rather than standing out as an eyesore. If your dining room contains deep warm colors in red and green, is a rich red roofs make guests feel welcome and cozy.

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Paint the exposed basement ceiling ideas in the open areas of the same color. Connecting rooms or large open living needs have the same ceiling color for a sense of continuity. Paint walls and ceiling the same color. Use this technique if you want to finish a room with a solid color. The roof disappears into the rest of the room, generating a unique atmosphere.

Use flat paint on ceilings. An eggshell or satin finish gives off a glow, which can be helpful if you are going with a dark color. But painting with flying colors will draw attention to imperfections, so your roof should be in good condition for this type of finish.

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