Type Of Basement Paint

Type Of Basement Paint

Basement paint – Anytime you are dealing with a below-grade area, the rules change slightly. You now have to worry about moisture, and the types of paint that will adhere to the concrete walls of a foundation. Although the walls are drying walled, the type of basement paint differs from typical latex wall paint. Priming […]

Vinyl Sliding Basement Windows

Make Vinyl Sliding Basement Windows Easier

Make Vinyl Sliding Basement Windows Easier – vinyl windows, though considered low-maintenance windows but that still require cleaning and occasional lubrication to keep them functioning optimally. As dust and debris accumulate over time, your vinyl window might become increasingly harder to open and close. Don’t wait until your window becomes almost inoperable (doesn’t slide at […]

Image Vinyl Basement Windows

How To Replace Vinyl Basement Windows

How To Replace Vinyl Basement Windows – Typical basement windows are small, horizontal openings at ground level. Replacing them is one of the simplest window-replacement projects because of its size. As with most modern replacement windows, basement vinyl replacement windows come before the hanging, which means they are already installed in their housing and fully […]

Basement Windows Sizes For Front Of House

Basement Windows Sizes For Front Of House

Basement windows sizes seem to be quite simple to do – take a couple of blocks, mortar them together, remove the frame, and then put them into the opening. However, like most skill trades look easy when a professional who is armed with the tools and tricks of the trade to do so. The key […]

Basement Hopper Windows Lowe’s

Different And Distinct: Basement Hopper Windows

Basement hopper windows – Living room you do not have all of the same design elements of your dining room, your bedroom does not resemble your den. Different environments require different treatments. Specific window, such as tents and hopper windows, offer certain advantages for specific settings. Basement hopper windows get their name from their resemblance […]

Beautiful Basement Casement Window

How To Install Basement Casement Window

Basement casement windows are often in older buildings, although they can be a nice replacement or addition to any building casement windows are available in different materials and opened using a crank or hand. Below are step by step instructions for installing basement casement windows. Basement casement windows open in or out, depending on what […]

Basement Escape Window Plan

How To Protect Basement Escape Window

Basement escape window are a popular break-point for burglars because the windows are low and mostly dark. To secure basement windows should be the top priority for all homeowners. The most common way to secure basement windows is to install window bars. These window bars are available in some standard window sizes or can be […]

Amazing Basement Window Blinds

The Basement Window Blinds

Basement window blinds – Basement windows are usually small and tall, the ground of which less than the prospect of someone long enough to see through it. A short string of heaven is probably only think to eliminate the idea of bare windows for extra light and breathtaking scenery. Window treatments can instead be used […]

Stylish Basement Window Security Bars

Basement Window Security Bars Ideas

Basement window security bars – Basement windows can provide a single access point for burglars. The options available from system manufacturer’s home security are often too expensive. Make basement window safety ideas can provide a creative, inexpensive and flexible approach. Basement window security bars ideas; window bars improve safety, but can be expensive. You can […]

Basement Window Fan Decorations

How Basement Window Fan

Basement window fan – Technically, anything that makes the air flow in a basement can be regarded as a valve, including basement windows. But the process to fanilate the basement windows means to transform your window into a fanilation fan or a fanilation outlet of the dryer. Three ways to do this is, but DIY […]