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Free basement design software – Having a private space at home (real private), sheltered from the mundane noise and where you can achieve peace, is a real luxury that not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy. In most independent houses, single-family calls, that space exist underground. A place to which no intrusive noises or glances. […]

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Basement design ideas – To make a basement no longer feel like a basement, add more light to compensate for the lack of natural light, a basement typically receive. According House Energy, Many basements are unappealing because of the light. Evenly several recessed lighting units throughout the basement ceiling and use low wattage light bulbs, […]

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Finished basement designs – Decorate your finished basement in a retro diner style. Cover the floor with black and white checkered tile or linoleum, reminiscent of a 1950s diner. A bar with a black or red vinyl top with chrome. Look for retro-style bar stools, tables, chairs and booths from dealers specializing in vintage or […]

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Basement bathroom designs – Choose simple appliances and fixtures to create a versatile basement bathroom. Get a fresh look by seeking simple finish in natural colors. Limestone floor tiles will reflect light around the room, making it feel larger. A glass shower door creates the illusion of more space and keeps the area looking for […]

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Basement bathroom design layout – If you are bored with simple baths, eclectic bathrooms can be a great option for you. How the colors, shapes and patterns will be depends only on imagination. You should not look for balance and harmony. This is because in this type of baths the goal is to capture the […]

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  Design your basement – Generally, most basements are damp and dark spaces that look depressing, however it is possible to reverse the situation to transform your basement into an environment that you can enjoy and feel proud of. First get rid of moisture and buildup of unwanted things. Read about the construction of the […]

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Basement Bar Design Ideas – There are plenty of DIY plans online for both dry and wet bars (bars with sinks), but making your own help tailor your new bar to your space, your taste and your needs. If you have even basic carpentry skills, some general ideas can help get you started. Imagine you’re […]

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Basement Wet Bar Design – Because it may not be a great idea to create a bar in the basement of your house, but you are not sure how to do this basement bar project, well here we give you all the help you may need to create your own bar in your home. Are […]

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Basement interior design – Cellars are sometimes the most underdeveloped residential areas in the homes. Painting a basement can add significant useful space to a house and improve its overall value. Reasons basements often go unfinished vary, but they include moisture issues, obstacles and a homeowner’s intention to turn a basement into a living room […]

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Best basement bar designs – Basements are popular places to build a home bar. Often built along with a game room or other entertainment room, basement bars tend to be masculine in design. Basements, with their low light levels are well suited to dark, cozy atmosphere of bars. While bar layout depends in large part […]