Wall Mounted Basement Pull Up Bar

Build Basement Pull Up Bar

Basement pull up bar – Find an exposed support beam or use a stud finder for finding a ceiling of the basement. Keep your arms in position for the widest possible grip you plan on doing your pull-ups. Measure the distance between your arms in this position. Metal tube or bar you want to use needs to be an extra 12 inches than this measurement. Mark your grip measurement from step 2 ads another 6 inches on the support beam from Step 1.

Marks on the beam is where you will hang hooks which will support basement pull up bar. 6-inch add-on is important to give your hands enough space to perform your pull-ups. For example, if your grip, leaving a 24-inch space between your arms, the two marks on the support beam for where to place your hooks 30 inches apart. Screw hooks in the beam instead of measurements. Place bar or tube through the hooks so that the hook is supporting it. If you are OK with the bar is loosely mounted in place, you can stop here.

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Ensuring bar tightly in place, continue to the next step. Bend the hooks back so they wrap around bar, then bend hooks around the bar as tightly as possible. If the hooks are not tight enough to ensure bar in place, wrap layers of duct tape on the extra 3 inches of each end of the tube until there is enough layers of duct tape to ensure that the pipe cannot slip out of the hooks. And your basement pull up bar was done.

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